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Poculum Veneris, The Goblet of Venus

Poculum Veneris, The Goblet of Venus

In "Poculum Veneris- The Goblet of Venus: A Love Philtre Formulary" we'll be discussing the power of the Love potion.  We'll be traversing the topics of tools, operations, and formulas on the Veneficii, or "The Path of Venus". In this praxis, we'll be discussing the planet of Venus as Patron of Witches, poisoners, and love magic. In addition, we will be observing other spirits in acts of conjuration for rites about the art of the love potion, including the Melissae, spirits of water, and the spirits of trees appertaining to the tools as prescribed for the work of witchcraft. Further, we will talk about plant allies, terminology, magic, and formulation pertaining to the art.

This workshop was recorded on 02/5/2022, and is a digital file, which includes the video and slides. 


Update on 2/05/2022:

In This workshop, the topic of plant allies is made. One of those is Cocoa. The lecture included Me (Austin) discussing a misappropriated term for Cocoa ceremony, in which I state "Temazcal" is the term for the ceremony in Oaxaca. Upon further research, I realized this is a mistake. I wish to inform the viewers of this workshop of this mistake and to note (which was accidentally left out of the workshop) that cocoa should be bought from fair trade, or families, farmers, or communities in which produce cocoa and seek to benefit the people and communities native to the region



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