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Astonomical Clock
I asked Austin to help me with work to get my husband working in a career job again, and I am so happy I did. After months of applying for jobs to no avail I enlisted Austin’s help, and they started with a reading to get an assessment of what needed to happen. I had never had a geomantic reading before and I liked how different it was from past (primarily tarot) readings it was. After the reading we assessed what would need to be done magically, they picked out the products I should use in work to do myself, some from her, some from the botanica. I received the Three Kings Oil and Three Kings Bath in the mail very quickly and followed Austin’s guidance in the ritual I performed. They provided the prayers to use in conjunction with the products and when I did the ritual I found myself compelled into ecstatic dance, which was a first. Austin helped provide an extra push on their end magically and Keenan finally got their job interview, using the three Kings Candle they made, they sped up a long winded hiring process. After the ritual bath was taken by my husband, right before their interview, they were met with a job offer for the position they really wanted! There is palpable magic in Austin’s products and direction. As a witch who had always made her own products, I will definitely be filling my cabinet with more from BaneXBramble

Mame, S.

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