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On Divining

Divination is an assessment of the spirits, energies, and virtues around you to run diagnostic and ascribe perscriptive spiritual advice. Within divination, we assess the unseen, and reveal outcomes and potentials, pitfalls and challenges. Divination for me should be equally as practical as it can be poetic. My primary form of divination is Geomancy and tarot. While all my services are framed to be geomancy readings, in some cases tarot or other methods will be used.

What is Geomancy?

Geomancy- or Rennaisance Geomancy:aptly titled by my teacher in order to differentiate it from other terms titled geomancy- is a sister system to astrology with roots from the tradition 'Ilm Al Raml (علم الرمال) "Sand Science" or "Science of Sand". A system of math and magic, Geomancy looks at patterns of virtue in the world around us, instead of searching to the stars, by calculating "random" binary data into quatrinary lines. In my practice this binary data is generated by asking spirits- planetary demons or Ruling Spirits of the day, hour, zodiac, (as well as supplementary spirits) a question, and generating a chart. The chart is the same chart used in astrology, using planetary rulerships of the figures, zodiacal associations, spirits, and other correspondence of the 12 houses to give insight into questions.

To learn more about geomancy, I encourage you to look into Dr. Alexander Cummins classes and services on Rennaisance Geomancy


Late Policy

It's my goal to accomidate everybody . Lateness happnes and thats totally okay. Please note, however, if you are more than five minutes late to your appointment, we will have to reschedule. Multiple late appointments may result in deposit fees.


Life gets in the way, no big deal. I am more than willing reschdual appointments at no charge within 24 hours of notice. In case of emergency, please feel free to reach out. Appointments cancelled within 24 hours of appointment will have to reschedule on there own accord. Multiple cancellations may result in deposits for appointments

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