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The Red Queen Calls

Will You Anser?

Enter The Rose Garden of the Red Keep

The Red Queen is an amalgam of many spirits which exist by-proxy to a mélange of practices by which I might call Red Witchcraft. 
This magic is the power of seduction, glamour, beauty, love, and violence.
The Red Keep is an invite- only discord server that will exist in the ephemera: A five-month access to like-minded individuals who wish to partake in these experimental rites and enjoy these feasts. 
This is a free-access offer, participation is voluntary. 


Is This A Cult?
no, this is an experiment of magic, dedicated to spirits that I work with, but is not a tradition with a core belief structure.

Does This Cost Money?
no, this is free and an offering to you- mainly friends- who I want to connect to with magically in a more intimate setting

I Already Have A Practice, Which Doesn't Include These Spirits, What Gives?
Participation is voluntary. While these are a set of spirits that are revered in several traditions, there is no need to adopt them into your life, here, or otherwise. Further, The Red Queen is an amalgam of these spirits- and many others- Which I find an interest in building. While we will be keeping on schedule, and not "adopting" any feasts, or rites into the discord, my hope is that from this, The Red Queen's current will extend from this group into other peoples lives and practices. If anything- even if this isn't your tradition- maybe we can exchange in the love of experimental magic.

How Will The Dischord Work?
For the Next four months I will be creating ritual outlines for group participation. From these rituals, we can create discussions about our experiences. There is no pressure to read every message and respond to everything. In an effort to not have the discord conversation "drop off", it is my goal to have conversation points surrounding the Feasts and Rites that we will be participating in. 


The Rose Garden Has Opened, The Red Keep Awaits:

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