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Visions of the Witches Rose Sample Set

Visions of the Witches Rose Sample Set

 The essence of over one year's worth of work- that I can say has 

changed  my practice in a way which is immeasurable- The Visions of the Witches Rose is a collection of perfume which houses The Spirit of the rose- A Phytognosis from the spirit of this plant, which has directed me to extract her fragrant essences and place them into a series of three perfumes which exemplifies her aspects as the Creator and Destroyer of Love; She Who Is At the Gates of Hell; and She Who is the Murderess of Men. These three perfumes will simply be labeled R.I, R. II, and R. III, in the order described as above. The practice of these perfumes, and the writing on the songs, poesis, formulas, and spells which this spirit has taught me can be found in the upcoming work From Their Wounds My Greatness Flowers! Thank you so much for your ongoing support of this long-awaited project. Each sample set contains the three perfumes R.I; R.II; and R.III, and will contain a 15% code towards a full size bottle if you so wish to purchase. 

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