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Tritons Shield Charm

Tritons Shield Charm

The Tritons Shield is a charm which was given to me by three Tritons I work with. These charms are for aiding in the communication of water spirits of many forms, and for inspiration and creativity, while doubling as a protective force, by the addition of warding materials, such as shell which has been silvered in the moonlight and silver leaf, collected in the day and hour of Venus, washed in a Venus exalted in Piscis bath, and the addition of a square-cut amythest which was inlayed by hand into a pearl. Each charm has been worked over, and is housed in an imitation-shell box, which is lined in white or silver-sateen. Each comes with instructions on feeding the charm.

  • Wear and Tear

    As this charm is made from leafed silver, expect wear and tear to occur. Mitigate rubbing against rough clothing or surfaces, and store away from sunlight when not in use. Avoid catching and pulling.

  • Repairs and Breakage

    All repairs will be met on a case-by-case basis. For any issues with current orders, or if any repairs need to be made, please email me at or at your order email.

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