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Seering Oil (of Sabillya)

Seering Oil (of Sabillya)

In the Folger MS V.b. 26, (The Book of Oberon translated by Daniel Harms, and Joseph Peterson, with illustrations by James R Clark. Llewellyn) one recipe for an oil “…which is precious most rare and excellent of all others for seeing spirits from the air…” makes use of the blood of seven beasts (chiefly birds) and calls upon the fairy Sabillya, amongst others. This oil is a rework of the operation in 
The Book of Oberon. Swapping out some animal materials, and calling upon the revivification of "Blood" by means of plant material (there is NO animal blood in this formula). Through means of divination, I've reconstructed the formula, and made it appropriate for Scrying and (to quote the text) "know the secrets of herbs, trees, stones, and metals, and to hear privy conversations amongst others".

Comes in a 40ml Vial, painted bronze, 

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