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Saint Lucia Oil

Saint Lucia Oil

This oil of Saint Lucia was made on her feast day, December 13th 2023, and prayed over for twelve nights, guided by the light of an oil lamp. Added this olive oil, the inclusion of a pair of eye ex-voto, and poured over the image of the saint herself, hot oil. Added over the course of the twelve days, palm saved from Palm Sunday, to signify her sainthood. Blood in sacrifice so we may never feel the same pain she felt. A monetary sacrifice in the form of a donation, as she donated her dowrie. White roses for her virginity, frankincense for her piety, rue and fennel for blessing and clearing. The formula completed on Christmas eve, and bottled in a vial with eyes made on faux pearl. This formula is for the healing and protection of the eyes, in body, mind and spirit. This oil has a multifaceted action of blessing. Annointed to the eyes, there is an action of clear-seeing and the clarification of obfuscation. When anointed elsewhere it is protective. There is a facet of monetary reward against poverty, and spiritual reward, and overall protection. This oil can also be added to oil lamps during her novena, or when we wish to find light in dark times. Soft and gentle, despite the brutality of Lucys story, this oil is to aid the practitioner in finding light, and hope, like the Guiding star of Bethlahem. 

Comes in a 15ml vial.

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