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Flamma Mortuus

Flamma Mortuus

The conjuring flame is a focal point. It is not a representitive of the witches fire in symbolism- it is - as the host is the body of Christ- the witch's fire itself. In the black iron vessel, it crackles and speaks. Placed in the center of the triangle, it is the medium from which we call for the raspy voices of the grave: the sounds of crunchy gravel and cold metallic whispers.
The formula here is a conjuring fluid. A medium which- when lit with a long match carefully- is used in addition to operations of necrosophy and conjuring the dead. Imbued with plant allies most helpful to the witch, and familiar with the dead: opoponax; cypress; elder and cedar; pine and labdanum and rose; benzoin, and other sundry secret things. Like a cologne water, it is also suitable to o apply to the hands, or anoint areas of the body which may be useful to the act of conjuring, and drawing the dead near. Applied to other hydrous spirits with a high ethanol proof- the materia therein will last on the Flambé for an extended time, only leaving traces of water behind, which may then be useful for other tasks


use with extreme caution contains around 90% cosmetic-grade ethanol. If the flame is extinguished, do not immediately add more fluid, as it can flash from heat. Only use in a heat-proof cauldron. 

The seller assumes no responsibility for damages. for curio use only

comes in a 4 floz. bottle.

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