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Elemental Incense of Water

Elemental Incense of Water

The four platonic elements- Fire, earth, air, and water- are doorways to a myriad of spirits, virtues, planets, and temperments which inhabit them. Calling to mind the Elementals that Pracaelsus discussed in his 16th Century treatise On Undines, Sylphs, Salamanders & Gnomes, this incense corresponds to the aquatic humor, and the spirits which inhabit it: the Undines. Amalgamed from other lore (and yet, very much autonomous in their own right) such as tritones, nymphs, and nixes, the Undines are water spirits that aid in all manners of magic surrounding the element: enhancing all magic of water, stopping any fire magics, and soothing and calming the choleric virtue. The incense is also aidful in honoring the Elemental Undines, and is integral in some aspects of circle casting, when calling upon the Four Elements, for compass and circle workings. 

Scented with sandalwood and onycha (a shell); ambergris and cedarwood; rose and seaweed absolutes; crushed pearls and the hearts of sand dollars, frankincense, honey, and more. The virtues of these aquatic and marine fragrances are both offertory and virtuous to the element of Water, unlocking the haunted doorway of the spirits that inhabit it. 

Comes housed in a decorative mache reliquary box.


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