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Aqua Mortem

Aqua Mortem

Aqua Mortem, the water which is used to wash corpses to prepare them for funerary rites, is a material which- for those wishing to engage in rites surrounding the dead, particularly the shades, revenants, and pugnacious spirits- may be used.
Adding a few drops to ablutions, and washing in the body, one may find it helpful for traversing the realms of the dead in transvection. Added to a vessel intended for hydromancy, one may engage in communication with the dead through aqueous means. Sprinkled in tools with the leafy hand, or with mourning cypress, the Aqua Mortem may be used as consecrated water.
The Aqua Mortem should be used sparingly, as anointing oneself with the dead indeed draws death closer to the individual. Indeed this is not a fluid for engaging with the beloved dead or those who oppose such muddied filths. And when not engaging in rites necrosophic, it is best to wash oneself in sunny and happy tinctures, foods and colors, and places that inspire life, and joy.
This water is a dilution of 40% food-grade ethanol, as to prevent spoilage of stagnant water. Comes in a 4 fl. oz. Bottle.

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