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The Brothel of Kedemel invites wanderers into its salacious chambers. Like the opium den, or the redlight district of Amsterdam. If Venus in Libra is the whorehouse, then Kedemel, her demon is Housemother: Demimond par excellence. Lounging in this house of ill-repute, we waft in the incense of biblical proportion: labdanum and pomegranate, agar, and roses, jasmine, and gardenia. Her hair is fragrant, and her robes are perfumed with musk. Shrouded in velvet and sateen, she mixes her love powders and potions, inhaling her Venerial drugs, and imparting the wisdom she garners to her demimond daughters: the witches of glamour and beauty. In this whorehouse, none are refused. 

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