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Short Divination

15-30 Minute Spiritual Consultation

  • 30 minutes
  • 50 US dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

I approach divination from a practical perspective. We will explore the question at hand, and gain clarity, nuance, and insight into the matters at hand. Whether it be from my method of "yes/no" divination to answer closed-answer questions, to cartomancy with the Tarot or consulting spirits human or otherwise, we will explore solutions, develop insight, and draw conclusions about the question at hand. The divination time is set for around 15-30 minutes. In this time frame, we may explore multiple methods of divination, including binary methods ("yes/no") or computational divination (tarot, etc.). In this time frame, there may be more than one question prosed. As a diviner, the questions asked and how they are worded are very important, and we may ask several questions about the overall question of the reading to receive the best outcomes of understanding. The reason I have given a set price for a variable time frame is that (in my experience) it may not take a full 30 minutes to gain the answer we seek, explain the outcomes, or find solutions. In some cases, some divination may require more work, such as scrying, consulting with the spirits of the dead, or other methods. In this instance, I will have to perform these methods on particular days, hours, and times. These will not happen while on screen. We will reconvene at a later time to complete the consult. If you have any further requests or are in need of accommodations, please email me @

Contact Details

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