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Wax Doll

Wax Doll

The image- often represented by a photograph, or doll, is used to become the likeness of a person (or object) to which it is fashioned. To make a thing like a thing. For much work, I prefer photographs, as a long held belief around a camera is that it might “steal” the essence or soul of the subject which it captures. Whatever the belief around this is, the sympathetic magic is the thing- the likeness of a thing can effect a thing. In other cases, however, a more “sturdy” image is useful- hence an effigy or doll. Where sections can be hallowed out, items may be added, hair embedded, paint added, clothes made, and so that one might do this over a period of time.
These effigies here are made of beeswax (quite a sturdy material imo)- I’ve chose this material because it can be sculpted on with sculpting wax or modeling clay, painted with acrylic paints, lightly melted and hair added, and at the base of the doll, a divet where herbs and other personal concerns can be stuffed. These effigies (while being simple in design) can easily be manipulated to become in the likeness of a person (or yourself).

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