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Venus in Libra Talisman

Venus in Libra Talisman

These Venus talismans were hand-cast in Brittania, on November 9th, and set with oval emerald, and guilded in copper leaf, coated in a oil-based clear varnish.

Agrippa says "...another Image of Venus, the first face of Taurus or Libra or Pisces ascending with Venus, the figure of which was a little maide with her hair spread abroad, cloathed in long and white garments, holding a Laurell Apple, or flowers in her right hand, in her left a Combe. It's reported to make men pleasant, jocand, strong, chearfull and to give beauty."

These Venus talismans are aidful in these things, as they're described. On the back is inscribed sigils and images of spirits of Venus, and names. 

These talismans come in options of 14" gold-tone green glass connection links, with copper rings and hardware, or a strand of copper chain, at the same length. Each comes in a perfumed box with Agrippa's sigil of Venus on the front, lined in green sateen. 

Each talisman is unique, with  variations in weight and size. 

Please note some boxes will have some variations in size and shape.

  • Care notice

    Please note that these talismans are merel painted and guilt, as I do not have the ability to cast copper in my studio. This means wear should be expected over time, as the copper patina will rub and wear. To slow this process, avoid direct rubbing, and do not apply perfumes directly to it. 

    If repair is desired, please contact me directly, and we can discuss repair options. 


    We appreciate your business. All refunds or exchanges are taken on a case-by-case basis. If there is something wrong with your order, please contact me directly at, or via your order conformation email.

  • Customization Notice

    Please allow 2 weeks for your talismans to be created, as materials are limited.

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