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Triton Spirit House

Triton Spirit House

A grotto of silver and shell: after over a year of work with these spirits, these spirit houses have been completed. These spirit houses are touch-points of access; settlements to the spirits they contain: each with one Triton- spirits of water aligned to the phalanx of Venus, Salacia, and Neptune. These spirit houses are the full embodiment of the spirit, to which one would wish to take on a working relationship with these spirits- those who might excel in the works of the philtre, perfumery, intuition, art, and glamour.  Made of natural shell, lined in blue velvet, and silvered in leaf on epiphany 2023. Each contains a vial with a cast effigy of a triton holding a pearl, along with other tools are part of the spirit body. Each spirit house will come with writing on the spirit, and instructions for feeding and so on. 

Please allow a week for order fulfillment for ritual completion.

  • Use in Magic

    • Magic of Elemental Water
    • potioncraft
    • perfumery
    • art
    • glamour
    • healing
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