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Sol in Leo Talisman Brooch

Sol in Leo Talisman Brooch

These Talismans have been created under the auspices of The Sun, being in his Domicile Leo. They are created for prosperity, good-countenance, wealth, prosperity, growth, governance, and victory. They are helpful for courage, and virtue of the heart, and inciting a choleric virtue.


Agrippa has to say about solar talismans "This being engraved on a Golden plate with the Sun being fortunate, renders him that wears it to be renowned, amiable, acceptable, potent in all his works, and equals a man to Kings, and Princes, elevating him to high fortunes, enabling to do whatsoever he pleaseth"


Made with an image of the intelligence of the sun, holding a shield in his left hand, and saluting,  standing atop a dragon, and set into glass cabochons. Within the shield holds the Agrippa seal for the Intelligence of the Sun His Good Angel Nachiel.  Perfumed with my Ignus Dei  and Fumus Solus, as well as Exalt, my solar fragrance. These images have been anointed in solar tinctures, and observe a particular election on July 24th.

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