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Queer Lust Powder

Queer Lust Powder

Within the language of flowers- that is the symbology ad iconography of flowers to represent people, places, things, passions, and behaviors- several flowers are designated to notate queerness: 

Pansies; Hyacinths; Lavender; Green Carnation; Orris, Violets etc.

This formula takes these flowers and calls upon their queer portents- by their essence, perfumes, and powder. Sifted and colored lavender, this formula is blended with sugar, the dusts, dirts, herbs, and woods of highly trafficked cruising places which call upon their salubrious and lascivious powers.

When sprinkled on the cruising trail one may find luck in their endeavors, leading the participant to oneself, like bees to honey.

Each comes in a 2.oz meche box, with hand-painted lavender faux-pearl, and gold hardware, stylized in baroque fashions. 

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