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Incense of Jupiter

Incense of Jupiter

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Resinous and jovial. Fumus Jovis is based off historical planetary formulas, as well as traditional Bahkoor. Barrel-aged whiskey, local molasses, and honey are reduced to a thick syrup. Imperial saffron is a potent offering, along with rich aloeswood. Copal, frankincense, benzoin, and other resins blend with exalted bay laurel. Suitable for any Jovial work. comes in a 1 oz. tin.


Notes: Resinous, aloeswood, saffron, laurel


    The Planetary incense collection is a series of seven blends, all conjured under the auspices of the appropriate planet during their day and hour. The suffumigations are based on historical source materials, amalgamating different formulas for blends, including Agrippa, The Key of Solomon, Le Petit Albert, and other sources of lore and personal practice. Composed of herbs, resins, woods, roots, flowers, leaves, perfumes, and oils dedicated to the planet, and its spirits, these fumigants are appropriate for any planetary work. 


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