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Oleum Occulta

Oleum Occulta

The Key of Solomon dictates that all manners of invisibility and secrecy should be performed in a fire sign. This oil is a formula which has been given to me by a particular spirit I work with, with proper prescriptions of works for secrecy.

The oil, which is to be anointed all over the body, from the head down- is formulated with materials from black hens and crows: their iridescent feathers black as night. In addition, Jet, tumbled smooth, black as pitch. Prayers written in black ink, and submerged into the oil, as well as Artmesia, who shrouds us in her black lunary cloak of mysteries. Buried under a rose, which keeps all secrets. Exhumed alongside its corresponding cologne, bottled and housed in a 40ml Vial, with decorative black top. To break all enchantments, this oil should be cleared with lemon juice, vinegar, or soap and warm water, with salt. 

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