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Nachiel the Suns Good Angel

Nachiel the Suns Good Angel

Within the Solar Current, the intellegance of the Sun is known as Niachiell, or- as described in the Boxgrove Manual- "His Goode Angel". The intelligence of the sun is propitiated when rallying the infernal solar spirit Sorath, amongst others, gaining the favor of kings, the protection of the home, wealth, destroying melancholy, by the act of inciting choler, and empowerment. 

This effigy has been created over several months, carefully sculpting, constructing costume, weaponry, selecting fabrics pleasing to the spirit, whigging and so on.  This doll was ensouled on observing a particular Solar Election, July 24th, when the Sun is in his house, Leo. Created as under the direction of the spirits with.

Comes with a handmade and hand-painted, hand-guilded niche, which can be hung on the wall. 

Doll Measures appx. 13" and Niche appx. 24".

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