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Incense of Mercury

Incense of Mercury

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Fumus Mercurii is complex and mercurial: true to its planetary ruler. Musk seed and lavender stimulate olfaction, while herbs and spices morph with benzoin and liquidamber. Keeping in mind Mercurys power as the intercessor of the planets, traversing the three ways of subterranean, mid-world, and the heavens, this suffumigant contains herbs sacred to Mercury in all their aspects. Suitable for any Mercurial work. Made from herbs, resins, and oils. Comes in a 1 oz. tin


Notes: Ambrette; Benzoin, Liquidamber, Lavender


    The Planetary incense collection is a series of seven blends, all conjured under the auspices of the appropriate planet during their day and hour. The suffumigations are based on historical source materials, amalgamating different formulas for blends, including Agrippa, The Key of Solomon, Le Petit Albert, and other sources of lore and personal practice. Composed of herbs, resins, woods, roots, flowers, leaves, perfumes, and oils dedicated to the planet, and its spirits, these fumigants are appropriate for any planetary work.


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