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Circes Curse Bath

Circes Curse Bath

One key potion of the body mythos that makes up the proto witch Kirke is the potion used to transform Scylla into the monster we would later see in the Odessey, who snatched up six of Odysseus' men. 

This formula calls upon these powers of Krike Invidiosa, and the transformation of choleric waters to create monsters. The acts of agitation, disfiguration, dysmorphia, and the exacerbation of the ill mind. Transforming our enemies into monsters.

Calling upon a host of several materials, bone charcoal, aconite, anointed in foam of hound, the teeth of shark and dragon (transubstantiated as such), harpy feather, hawks blood, datura and belladonna, etc. Each bottle comes with written ritual instruction, and bound up with reddened sharks tooth, enmattered as tooth of dragon. 

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