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WE Are the Witchcraft- Not You:

The Inherent Truth that Queerness Will Inherit the Earth, & the Exorcism of White Cis-Heteronormative-Patriarchy In the Witchcraft Community

Austin Fuller March 9th, 2022

You are not the witchcraft.

Witchcraft evades. It stands at the crux so few want to hear. But the very nature of witchcraft ages the marble of the institution, and cracks the façade of safety by which the white cis-hetero patriarchy cleaves to. Here we inspect the truest nature of witchcraft: that its queerness is its only truth.

For the cis-hetero counterparts reading this, and the fire of disdain riling within your belly, a complete objection to what I’m about to say- remember your fucking place. Because we remember ours. By stripping back soil, and tapping old bones, by conjuring shades of not-so-distant- dead, we remember inherently a time, when we ruled the earth. We remember our place within our communities. We remember the inherent queerness of our very being. We remember the dismantling of the community by oppressive forces. We remember our governments systematically torturing us, exposing us, leaving us to disease, and killing us. All the while the overculture watched and stayed (with few exceptions) relatively silent. This is inherent knowing within the bones of the queer witch- and to many worth, their stock, a witch themself. For this too, is the inherent knowing soaked within the marrow of witches. Make no mistake now when I tell you: WITCHCRAFT IS INHERENTLY QUEER.

For quite some time now, the witchcraft community has upheld some of the worst members of our community. Whether scammer, or fraudulent; fascist, or capitalist; unhinged, or abusive, the nature of these so-called “leaders”- those who sit behind ivory towers of esoteric thought, yet lack action- remain untouchable by the populous of the broader witchcraft community. Like an overprotective mother-to-child, the witchcraft community shields these authors and creators by stepping in front of any truth-telling or malignancy, pushing these creators behind them, obscuring them from the scrutiny of the public eye. Silence does this too. A refusal to speak out over ten-year-long scams, “green-socialism” (licking the overpriced shoes of one Elon Musk), blatant Nazism, and the willful ignorance against queer and trans people plague this community and allow them to stand upon a marble pedestal.

Certainly so, the works of these authors, which lend many a helpful and powerful insight into the praxis of witchcraft, are possibly to blame for the absolvement

of responsibility, demonstrated by author, publisher, shop, and client. I say take! Take and consume the good blood from them, but leave the rotten flesh to decay along with their legacies.

WE are the witchcraft- not you. It is in this author's humble opinion, that your time has expired here. No longer will we stay silent against blatant transphobia, fascist dick-sucking, white supremacist ideologies, and the crumbling waif-like legs of capitalism. I say this now with all the fullness of my heart- we must remove the idealization that we are tolerant. We do not accept all. We are intolerant of fascist ideologies. We are intolerant of oppressive forces. We are intolerant of the state-sanctioned violence brought upon by the militarized police force. We writhe and seethe against it. We conjure tooth and claw.

Witchcraft will inherit the earth. We will lay waste to the institutions that are upheld. We will not cross the aisle, instead, conjure nail and tooth and claw against it. We will ruin. We will destroy. We will feast on the flesh of our oppressors, and those who trespass against us. From the decimation, we will lay seed and spore. Our legacies will bloom from the earth which is fertile and full. We will rebuild community, and honor holistically our environment and our place within it.

To my fellow queers, brothers, sisters, siblings. To allies: something is stirring. The smell of decay is plumed against our noses. We must inhale deeply and imbibe these fumes. Our witchcraft is sex. Our witchcraft is queer, we are the abominable inhuman creatures. We love without apprehension and refuse fealty. We will erect statues of our own gods, or remove them as we so choose. Now is the time to act. Do you feel it within the earth? Do you feel the utter tumultuous rumbling beneath your feet? The faggot spirits queered and hallowed dead call to us. They tell us to act. The hag spirits of witchcraft bellow into the night, war-cry into our dreams, and plague us with queer rage, and righteous love. To be a witch is to be solely human, and simultaneously very alien. We condemn our souls to our spirits, the dead, witch lords, or the devil themselves. We are called to do the witches' work, and this work implies a war against the capital-fascist white-cis-heteronormative patriarchal system. This implies defending black trans women and seeking out their murderers, striking within them the fear of death itself. This implies an acknowledgment of the environment and our place within it. This implies operating within a capitalist society while aiming to dismantle it. This implies the destruction of the police- state, and systematically breaking it. This Is all in the devil's name.

The riotous eschatology of witches today is the legacy to queers of tomorrow. It is now that I must ask you to act. We are in a revolutionary period. That means we no longer must hold ourselves to the approval of these occult institutions, publications, shops, or authors. The playing field has been evened. With this unfortunately comes a slew of fallacies, and the voice of the unlearned speaking on which they do not know. However, we combat this misinformation with skill and knowledge. It is now the time to rewild witchcraft. It is now the time to learn how to grow. How to slaughter. How to build. How to create. We must be self-aware. We must utilize every tool at our current disposal. Form covens, start publications, document, write, create, and transform. Seek, find, and build community. And where there is a gap, it must be your responsibility to fill it. This means taking up the work and becoming very much so the embodiment of the word “WITCH”. We must exorcise our community of old blood, fascist ideology, and the upheld and long-standing tradition of protecting the harmful.

For one day- very much in the near future- it will not be the government that saves us. It will not be the God of Abraham. It will not be the cultus of the state-sanctioned violence by the police. Instead, it will be the queers. It will be the witches. It will be the faggots and their friends who started the revolution. And In the same poetic way as has it has always been, the witches will be blamed for ruining the overculture, their values, and the safety to which the populist so desperately cleaves. We will be blamed for this revolution, however, when the dawn of a new society of betterment emerges, we will revive none of the credit. For this is the plight of the witch. Apocalypse is now,

and we must act on it!

I encourage you now to go forth and start. Rally, and riot against those who wish to destroy you. Poison the well of institutions, and rob them of their information. Take what is rightfully ours, and defend our communities and the people within them. Start with social media. Pursue the occult shop of your dreams. Find friends, and make many enemies. Sing to the hallowed and queer dead. Create art, love passionately, and do what thou wilt. A new eon of faggot- witches is upon you. We are the witchcraft. We are the renaissance. Don’t fucking forget it.

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